Amy Williams

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Favorite thing about design? //  if you can dream it, you can make it!

Where are you from? // Southern California; born and raised

What would you put on your neon sign. // lack of passion is fatal

What would your favorite coffee table be made out of? // honed black marble

Fave coffee table book, ever // too many to choose

Color du jour? // pink…always

Favorite pizza? // Hawaiian with pepperoncinis; gluten free of course!

Favorite drink? // Bubbly girl, always has been and always will be

Wont leave home without? // phone

Favorite book // The Glass Castle

Things you buy in bulk // Nuts; all sorts

Dream shopping trip // 24 hours and a private jet…I have many spots to hit

Desert island beauty products // Eau Thermale Avene Cleansing Oil and Moisturizer

Kicks or heels? // kicks; duh

What’s your mantra? // be bold, be YOU

Beach or city? // beach!

First job? // Beer Cart Girl at Golf Course

Favorite piece of clothing // ripped jeans

First cell phone // Nokia!

Whats your personal style mantra? // don’t match too much

Design philosophy // bathe in the unexpected

What’s essential to any room? // art

Signature design mark? // Neon Lights, I have 2 in my house… ha!

Signature fragrance> // Ha!  Been wearing 4eva..don’t laugh… Calvin Klien Obsession

3 desert island must haves? // SPF, music, bubbly

Where was your first kiss? // cement tunnel on playground…. You know who you are

Favorite place to go for inspiration // Laguna bluffs

Favorite country/place to visit? // Italy

How do you start the day/ // intense workout and a latte…. Perfection

How do you end the day? // reading or mindless screen time

Closet obsessions? // shoes and bags

Ideal food day? // Haute Cakes Avocado Toast with latte for breakfast, not a big lunch person so maybe fish tacos or a salad (I know, boring), fresh berries and cheese with a glass of freezing cold bubbly as an app followed by a nice steak for dinner.

Last supper // Champagne, Cheese, Chicken Picatta with angel hair, Creme Brûlée

5 things always in your bag // phone, baby wipes (game changer), sanitizer, lip gloss, son’s meds

What’s the best hostess gift? // Bubbly!

Family – all about //  I have the most amazing hubby ever.  We have been married 12 years and have 3 fantastic kids.  Brody, my 10 year old son, is the sweetest most loving stud I know; Beckett, my 8 year old son, has never met a stranger and boasts one of the best personalities known to man; Brinley, my 1 year old daughter, is my light at the end of any tunnel, she is beyond adorable and her budding sweet stubbornness is just want every girl should have!  My mom and dad have been married for almost 50 years!…they are the best ever.  My Mom is an extremely talented artist (pretty sure that’s where my creative genes came from).  My Dad is a retired professional baseball player and has the most amazing drive to be whatever it is he puts his mind to.  I’m definitely a lucky girl to have grown up in a family with many diverse talents!  I have one brother who is a Real Estate Broker and lives close by; he has 4 amazing daughters I’m lucky enough to call my nieces.  Family is everything!!

Words to tell yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning // You Got This

What’s on your playlist? // country, jazzy blues, random 90s rap

3 things about you most people don’t know // Not too secretive…. Pretty sure I’m an open book
Advice for your younger self // Be YOU, not them – always and forever xx