Betsy Calder

Administrative and Logistics Assistant

Favorite thing about design? // It gives people the ability to make their house custom to them. Design is what makes a house a home.

Where do you go to school? // I go to school at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. #rollcougs

What would you put on your neon sign. // NHYC Burgee, my family flag, or my last name.

Favorite book, ever // The Gifts of Imperfection

Color du jour? // YELLOW

Favorite pizza? // not a big pizza person, more of a pasta gal.

Favorite drink? // Iced tea #underage

Won’t leave home without? // phone, keys, sunglasses, water.

Things you buy most // jeans and shoes.

Dream shopping trip // Red Balloon, unlimited budget. Say no more.

Desert island beauty products // sunscreen, face moisturizer, chapstick.

Kicks or heels? // kicks. Always.

What’s your mantra? // Always do better.

Beach or city? // BEACH

First job? // Rove Design

Favorite piece of clothing // anything CP shades or sundry in my closet

First cell phone // T-mobile Razor, pink.

What’s your personal style mantra? // Jeans, Black tee or sweater, sneakers and my rings.

Signature fragrance> // Peony and Blush Suede by JoMalone, or just rock by Zadig and Voltaire.

3 desert island must haves? // iced tea, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Favorite place to go for inspiration // Instagram

Favorite country/place to visit? // France

How do you start the day // Grit Cycle and a smoothie

How do you end the day? // Either watching TV or on my phone.

Closet obsessions? // my jeans and my shoes.

Ideal food day? // date and banana smoothie, caviar and bananas salad or a circes sandwich, R+D burger and fries, NHYC flourless chocolate cake and ice cream.

Last supper // NHYC Prime Rib steak, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies and butter cake. Oh and bread. Lots of warm bread rolls and butter.

5 things always in your bag // phone, my phone charger, water, wallet, chapstick.

What’s the best hostess gift? // Something monogrammed

Family – all about // My parents are both from Newport Beach. My mom went to Mariners Elementary, Ensign Middle School and Newport Harbor High just like my sister and I did. My dad went to Harbor Day School and Newport Harbor. My mom continued her education at Arizona State University and my dad went to the University of Colorado at Boulder. My family is truly my biggest inspiration, especially my father’s mother, Jane Calder. She passed away in the summer of 2018 after a hard battle with Alzeihmers, but she was the strongest, most charming and witty person I knew. She was true to herself and that is all I can hope to be. Most people know my mom because of her infamous store, The Monogram Store. She wears many hats from store owner to philanthropist to always being at The Newport Harbor Yacht Club in her free time. My dad is the funniest and most outgoing person I know and has never met a stranger he doesn’t try to get to know. I have one sister who has recently graduated from the University of Oregon and is back living in Newport Beach.

Words to tell yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning // Be better today than you were yesterday.

What’s on your playlist? // Everything. Besides country.

3 things about you most people don’t know // I sailed competitively for 7 years. I have a pet bunny. My mom calls me the encyclopedia on people.