Delaney DeCinces


Favorite thing about design? // The project is never finished!

Where do you go to school? // I’m on the volleyball team at Georgia Southern University in good old Statesboro, GA, Wings Up!!

What would you put on your neon sign. // yes, you can!

Color du jour? // Pink!

Favorite pizza? // Hawaiian… yes pineapple belongs on pizza

Favorite drink? // huge water girl, but an Arnold Palmer will always do

Won’t leave home without? // my phone, wallet, Ray-bans, and hydroflask

Favorite book // Big Little Lies!! The TV show is just as good too;)

Things you buy in most // kombucha

Dream shopping trip // mom’s wallet and Fashion Island

Desert island beauty products // Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, and any detangling spray

Kicks or heels? // kicks… heels don’t work, I’m a clutz

What’s your mantra? // It ain’t gonna fix itself

Beach or city? // big beach gal

First job? // ROVE!!

Favorite piece of clothing // a cute sweatshirt

First cell phone // Samsung flip phone! (I kind of miss it!)

What’s your personal style mantra? // mix patterns and add some color

What’s essential to any room? // a killer rug

Signature fragrance> // Jo Malone “Peony and Blush Suede”

3 desert island must haves? // Shades, Flaming Hot Cheetos, and a speaker

Favorite place to go for inspiration // Pinterest… and if that doesn’t work, my aunt’s house!! Love ya Amy 🙂

Favorite country/place to visit? // Paris!!

How do you start the day? // an early early morning volleyball practice then a bagel with cream cheese and tomato with some kombucha

How do you end the day? // some Netflix and bedtime tea — probably with a face mask

Closet obsessions? // crossbodies and fun kicks

Ideal food day? // A Ces’t si Bon vanilla chai with a cinnamon twist, Jan’s protein bowl with tuna salad and an Arnold Palmer, then finish the day off with a Shunka sushi date with my mama!!

Last supper // Papa’s Steak, creamed corn, Amy’s salad and some chocolate covered strawberries

5 things always in your bag // phone, keys, wallet, sunnies, and hand lotion

What’s the best hostess gift? // a fun candle

Family – all about // My two sisters are my best friends… My parents are divorced, but I have the best step-dad and three rad step-siblings who are always supporting me! My mom is and always will be my biggest role model, love you mama!! My Gran D and Papa are my biggest fans and follow me EVERYWHERE to watch some volleyball! My aunt Amy and uncle TJ are like a second set of parents and their three kids are the best entertainment ever! Their daughter Brinley is the most perfect child I know :). We’re a crazy bunch, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Words to tell yourself when you look in the mirror in the morning // Get it done.

What’s on your playlist? // you name it

3 things about you most people don’t know // can’t think of anything my people don’t know about me