Complete Home Design

Full service home design is our forte. With over a decade of interior design experience, ROVE creates bold, striking, and completely customized homes with the upmost beauty and integrity.

Partial Design

Feel like starting on a smaller scale? No sweat. ROVE will design one room at a time. Because boy do we understand outgrowing a space.


ROVE offers E-Design to those not ready to commit to the full monty. E-Design includes a full floor plan, as well as your personalized shopping list.


Let’s be honest… Paint starts with pain for a reason. ROVE will help you find all the right paints, textiles, colors, and finishes.

Home Styling

Showcase your current home decor to its highest ability. ROVE will rearrange, edit, add +/- subtract to your home and make it an even better, more functional, and of course, more beautiful, living space.